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You, Me and the Trees

Protect People and Planet by Ancient and
 3 children in Haiti by David Greenwood-
  • Combat Climate Change
  • Save Wildlife
  • Save Children
  • Care for Communities
  • Improve Health and Wellbeing
  • Plant for You, Me and the Trees

Our Services

Plant Trees
  • £1 plants 2 trees in the tropics – one for you and one for a friend.
  • Your friend might be someone in your family or a school buddy, a wild animal, or a someone who lives in a community abroad or even planet Earth! Who will you plant your trees for?

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  12. 30% Discount for Jack In The Green Ethical gift shop for all items including miniature gardening and interfaith products.

How Can We Make A Difference
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To Help Save Our Planet.
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Amanda C Vesty - Founder Ancient Sacred
Me under Little Morton Hall Ash
Bless The Little Tree by Amanda C Vesty

Sophie Marsden on behalf of Facebook and their Grow The Future Campaign - "Ancient and Sacred Trees ... is a great example of a group that allows people to connect with other like minded people who care about their environment and sustainability.."

Rob McBride Tree Hunter - "Thanks for all you do for our trees .. You are a Tree Angel


Channel 4 TV Star Dr Dawn Gibbins MBE - "Amanda Claire Vesty Bless you for creating the Ancient and Sacred Trees of Britain Group to enlighten and connect us. I recommend everyone join this group!" 

C W “This group is awesome ... it just goes to show how much we can all benefit from each other and from appreciating the truly amazing wonders of nature...”


E O There is hope! This beautiful site has helped me heal after 5 years of brutal bullying at my last job…Love Eddie xox❤️xox”


H R” It seems to me that none of us is alone. We all belong to a community of lovely people. Keep spreading the love xx”

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Celebrating DiversiTree by celebrating communities and cultures around the world
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